Web Design Questionnaire

You’re most likely reading this page right now because you’ve decided to start spreading you or your company’s name, reputation and services around the World Wide Web. Congratulations! There are many businesses and individuals today who see the majority of their sales come in from their online presence – but unfortunately, many who set out in this direction soon realize that a lot of work is involved in the web design process, as well as the upkeep and maintenance work after a site is launched, before they start to see some pay off. However, if done right, the payoff will exponentially out-weigh the initial efforts – and now is as great a time as ever to make that jump. What we want to do at Three Seven Designs is help you start off on the right foot – even before a single pixel is pushed or a line of HTML is typed out. To do that, we’ve developed this small, yet specific worksheet, to help us all get on the same page and moving in the right direction.